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We spend a lot of our time learning about our native deciduous forests to expand our knowledge of this natural and renewable material. In our search for highest quality timber products, we make use of our well-established contacts with both state forestry organisations and private forestry owners throughout Germany and Europe. Sustainable forest management procedures carried out in Germany ensure excellent production conditions. Our experience with the classification of wood combined with our expertise in species habitat means we provide expert specification on our national and international customers.


From the day it starts growing, every tree begins storing a lot of information in its trunk. Our experience enables us to interpret this information and select, for example, whether a 200-year-old European white oak is suitable for the restoration of a gothic bell tower, or whether snow-white hard-maple should be used for the kitchen furniture industry. Some of the most durable timbers require time and special storage conditions to achieve their full potential, whilst others need processing as soon as possible. Our expertise extends to the inspection of forests and verification of production methods.


We do not leave our round logs out of sight. Our network of reliable saw mill workers makes cutting highly flexible. Decades of experience gathered by the staff and grown personal connections make sure that everything goes off smoothly according to your specifications. Quality assortment by current and established standards as well as specified measuring are taken as a matter of course.


Our excellent personal connections with international forwarding agencies will guarantee smooth transport world-wide. Depending on your needs and transport requirements, we will send your goods by train, specially equipped lorry or container boat.


It gives us great pleasure to serve our customers both as dependable supplier and as experianced adviser. With a 75-year family tradition to uphold, it is important for us to combine our acquired knowledge with new ideas for the future. In this context we constantly invest and modernise our equipment to enable our highly qualified team to achieve the best possible results. At Kortbus, the owner himself is actively involved in meeting your needs. Our information channels are short; therefore, we are able to handle orders quickly and flexibly.


Our product range includes all local deciduous woods. We offer round logs and sawn wood in various qualities and sizes, available as veneer, peel or saw wood.

Round logs

We also visit our local forests for you, should you want extra quality or sizes. Supplying round logs "just in time" for all import and export purposes is one of our strong points. Please ask for: oak, beech, ash, cherry, maple-tree, alder, poplar, spruce, pine and larch.

On request, we will search for you for the right bole on timber takeovers and the large-scale national auctions which is used for the exclusive veneer wood production.

Cut wood

Our range of local and European hardwood, ask for: oak, beech, ash, maple-tree, cherry-tree, lime wood, elm, poplar (steamed or unsteamed).

Depending on the requirements, we can supply freshly sawn timber or aged material with a perfect drying grade for the production and further processing.


Out of the ordinary customer requests are our speciality. Whether it is wood for veneers or saw logs, specially selected sawn timber for exclusive interior furnishing, or evenìspecial woods for crafting musical instruments. We share your passion for the special and unique. It always gives us great satisfaction to be able to offer our knowledge and our contacts to help you fulfill your wishes. We are looking forward to your visit!


This is the right spot for you to get an impression of what is created from our woods.

Thanks to an extensive network, we can be proud of the fact that our products are used throughout Europe for various high quality building projects in furniture as well as in other areas of interior design and architecture.

Contact us for the realisation of your dream furniture! We are happy to establish the first contact with joineries and processors with whom we have been working successfully hand-in-hand for several years.

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